I am Victoria Miller. This means I love coding for long hours on end and have a soft spot for someone who’s good at integrating.  Everyone thinks I just do math all day and type stuff, but I promise you 90% of it is banging my head into the wall.  It’s okay though because the other 10% is solid gold.  You know when you are in a lab, doing a pre-done experiment just to see the results for yourself? Then you get the data just to find out it isn’t right and you failed at something.  Well that is what computer science is like, but all the time.  As a compsci major, you think, ‘This code has to work, as long as my logic is right.  People have made programs before, I can do this.‘  And then you sit there and write a novel worth of code.   Once you are done, you get all excited and cannot stop thinking about how great it’s going to be seeing your creation work! Then you run it to see that it crashes.  You look through all your work again to make sure every thought makes sense and the gears are working as they should.  You can spend hours on this, just to run it again and see it crash. Again.  But what could possibly have gone wrong? AH it was the semicolon, you forgot the semicolon, good one Victoria.  Then this is where  you pray and bless all the heavens that you aren’t stupid and just really bad at computer grammar.  This may seem crazy, but this mess here is the love of my life and I won’t deny it.  It is an inexplicable love.